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London based software developer and IT consultant with over 10 years experience in a range of industries and product applications including:

Portfolio optimisation
Statistical modelling
Asset allocation modelling
Personalised portfolio delivery (HNWI, family offices, funds)
Fund Products
Index calculation/delivery Trading execution

Trading / Inventory / Accounts
E-Commerce / E-Marketing / Media & Optimisation
Responsive web/mobile integration (front end, back end, CMS, B2B)

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Main Tools / Skills:

Database(DBMSs): MSSQLServer, Elasticsearch BigData analytics API, Thomson Reuters data APIs (Datascope, EIKON, Lipper)
Core modelling & production: Python (Scientific Libs), Javascript, C++, VB, .NET (ASP, C#)
Web/mobile frameworks: Django, Flask, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/W3C

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